Successful water monitoring project for fish farmers: EUSATEC focuses on innovation

Eusatec / 14. June 2023

We are excited to report an important milestone in one of our major projects. In cooperation with the Bavarian State Institute for Agriculture, Höchststadt branch, we successfully deployed our EUSATEC solution to monitor water quality. The task was clearly defined: The water quality in the fish ponds, in particular the oxygen content, the temperature and the pH value, had to be monitored in real time. In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to this exciting project in more detail and present the solution we developed.

The challenge: water quality monitoring in fish ponds

Fish farmers face the challenge of continuously and accurately monitoring the water quality in their ponds. Changes in parameters such as oxygen content, temperature and pH can have a detrimental effect on the health of the fish and affect yield. Our task was to develop a solution that allows real-time monitoring of these parameters so that the fish farmer can react quickly to changes.

Our solution: EUSATEC water monitoring with sensors

Our EUSATEC solution for water monitoring was based on the use of sensors and IoT technologies. We installed sensors to measure temperature, oxygen content and pH in the fish ponds. These sensors were attached to floats that moved freely in the water and took measurements every 20 minutes. The collected data was transmitted to our EUSATEC portal via radio technology.

The advantage: real-time monitoring and user-defined thresholds

The big advantage of our EUSATEC solution is real-time monitoring. The fish farmer can conveniently monitor the parameters oxygen content, temperature and pH from any location by accessing our EUSATEC portal. In addition, he can set user-defined thresholds. When one of these thresholds is exceeded or not reached, the system automatically triggers an alarm email. In addition, we have integrated dependencies to further increase efficiency. For example, if the threshold value for the oxygen content is too low, a fan is automatically activated to increase the oxygen supply.


Our solution has been successfully implemented by the Bavarian State Research Centre for Agriculture, Höchstadt branch, and various fish farmers.

Conclusion: Innovation in water quality monitoring

Our EUSATEC water monitoring project for fish farmers is a shining example of the innovative use of IoT technology to solve real-world challenges. We are proud to have contributed to improving water quality monitoring and increasing efficiency in the fish farming industry.

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