EUSANET connects road maintenance companies to satellite backup for Internet and telephony

sat_speed / 24. January 2023

In a world that is increasingly dependent on digital communications, a reliable Internet connection is crucial, especially for public institutions and authorities. The state of Rhineland-Palatinate has risen to this challenge and, in collaboration with EUSANET, a leading communications service provider in the field of Internet via satellite and IoT, has developed an innovative solution that ensures emergency communications for road maintenance departments, even when conventional Internet connections fail.

Satellite backup system sat_speed+: A lifesaver in times of need

The sat_speed satellite backup systems provided by EUSANET are technological milestones that enable road maintenance authorities to remain online even if their conventional internet connection fails. These systems automatically jump in when the main connection fails and enable self-sufficient emergency communication that works independently of the authorities' network.

The core functions of these backup systems include Internet access and telephone calls via VoIP, which are handled via satellite. For this, EUSANET relies on the partners Eutelsat Konnect (7° East) and Viasat KA-SAT (9° East). In addition, the systems of the road maintenance depots are equipped with an in-house emergency power supply to protect against power failures.

Fast and reliable implementation

"Landesbetrieb Mobilität Rheinland-Pfalz was looking for a partner who was able to reliably complete such a project in top quality within a very short time. EUSANET delivered, installed and configured the entire infrastructure on site within four weeks after receipt of the order. We are proud of this," said Stephan Schott, Managing Director of EUSANET. "We are in talks with other counties and municipalities, because public agencies in particular rely on backup solutions in the event of Internet outages, for example to ensure emergency communications in the event of storms or natural disasters."

Reliable satellite system for the whole of Germany

The EUSANET satellite system used for the backup solution is reliably available throughout Germany and offers high bandwidths with low power consumption. EUSANET uses its products "satspeed-Konnect", "satspeed-KASAT" and "satspeed VoIP" for this. The Internet connection is provided via a data center in Germany.


EUSANET GmbH, based in Bischberg, Franconia, has been one of the pioneers and specialists for Internet access via satellite in Germany and Europe for over 20 years. The company offers customized broadband access solutions for end users, semi-professional users, companies and organizations. In addition, EUSANET offers attractive supplementary services such as voice-over-IP, multi-feed reception and comprehensive services for business customers and end users. The company also specializes in efficient coverage solutions for broadband connectivity for municipalities and offers innovative networks for the IoT in combination with a comprehensive cloud service.

EUSANET Satellit 1
EUSANET Satellit 2