Your partner for Internet of Things & M2M solutions via LPWAN

With IoT solutions, we digitize and optimize your processes. We offer GPS tracking, alarm systems, healthcare and monitoring complete solutions.

What is EUSATEC?

EUSATEC stands for individual IoT solutions

We are your partner for Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions over LPWAN. Our expertise lies in equipping objects, devices and machines with sensors and processors to enable their communication over IP networks. In our EUSATEC platform you can register your devices and monitor and optimize them through it. Our products include GPS tracking, alarm systems, healthcare and monitoring solutions.

How do our IoT solutions work?

Connect your devices to the EUSATEC Cloud

Compared to conventional cellular systems and other Internet solutions, our customized IoT solutions are less complex and more cost-effective. We offer you access to a highly available LPWAN network (Low Power Wide Area Network). Possible options are the networks of LoRaWan and Sigfox, which are already available throughout Europe and offer low energy costs, high range and low susceptibility to interference. Thanks to low frequency, the signal penetrates well through buildings and thus has a wide coverage. Another advantage is that devices do not need to be constantly online, which protects them from hacker attacks and consumes less energy.

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