Innovation in waste management: EUSATEC solutions revolutionise temperature monitoring in composting plants

Eusatec / 24. May 2023

We are pleased to report a significant milestone in our major projects. In cooperation with the company Eichhorn Kompostwerk, we have developed and successfully implemented a groundbreaking solution for temperature monitoring in composting plants. The task was clearly defined: The temperature of the composts, also known as rotting, should be monitored automatically, including an alarm function and documentation in conformity with the inspector. In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to this innovative project and the solution we developed.

The challenge: Temperature monitoring and documentation in composting plants

The waste management industry faces the challenge of closely monitoring the maturing process of composts to ensure that it takes place efficiently and in accordance with current regulations. Here, temperature is a critical parameter that must be constantly monitored. In addition to this, the data must be documented in accordance with the law to ensure compliance with the inspector's regulations.

Our solution: Wireless temperature measurement and intelligent alarms

Our EUSATEC solution for temperature monitoring is based on the use of stable and robust radio temperature measuring lances equipped with a cross-handle. These measuring lances send the temperature data wirelessly to our EUSATEC portal every 20 minutes. Here, an alarm function is activated when predefined threshold values for the temperature are undercut or exceeded. This enables timely notification of critical conditions to the staff.

Legally compliant documentation and export options

The documentation is carried out in compliance with the law via the evaluation in the EUSATEC portal. Here, a daily temperature average is recorded and it is possible to add your own notes. This comprehensive documentation meets the legal requirements and facilitates compliance. In addition, we offer export and printout options to easily archive and pass on the data.

Advantages of the EUSATEC solution and future optimisations

The solution we have developed offers Eichhorn Kompostwerk a number of benefits, including timely information about critical conditions, reduction of on-site inspections and significant time savings. We also plan to continue optimising our EUSATEC portal, including a traffic light system that indicates the status of the rotting process (green when completed).


Our composting plant temperature monitoring project is an outstanding example of how IoT technology can revolutionise waste management. We are proud to have contributed to increasing efficiency and compliance in this industry. At EUSANET, we are committed to developing customised EUSATEC IoT solutions for your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find innovative solutions for your industry.

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