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Was ist sat_speed Was ist sat_speed

What is sat_speed?

Fast Internet available everywhere

sat_speed+ offers you the alternative to a DSL connection in Germany, Austria and everywhere in Europe - Internet access via satellite. Via satellite, fast Internet with up to 100 Mbit/s is available everywhere. Whether in the private sector, in business, in industrial parks or even for complete towns - sat_speed+ has the right solution for every requirement. The installation of the Internet satellite antenna is simple, fast, immediately available everywhere and possible.

How does Internet via satellite work?

Fast Internet - fast, secure and available at all times

DSL via satellite, also known as satellite Internet, works much like satellite TV. With a special satellite dish you get fast Internet, optionally also TV and VoIP telephony, without the need for a DSL or telephone connection or other infrastructure. Satellite Internet is a standalone and practical alternative to DSL, cellular and cable connections.


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