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Learn more about our success story from internet agency to expert for IoT solutions and internet via satellite.
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The corporate development of EUSANET GmbH

Already in service for you since 1999

EUSANET GmbH was founded on 01.01.1999 as Internetagentur Schott by Beate Schott in Viereth-Trunstadt in Upper Franconia and specialized at that time in creating websites. For this we even still rented the web storage from providers.
Today, Internetagentur Schott has established itself in the market with its products around "Internet via Satellite" as well as data transmission via satellite, also known under the brand name sat_speed+. Since the business field changed over the years more and more to professional Internet via satellite solutions, and the company name "Internetagentur Schott" led again and again to irritations, the Internetagentur Schott GmbH was renamed in March 2013 to "EUSANET GmbH".

We continue to develop

From our competences, another business field within the technological infrastructure emerged almost naturally - the Internet of Things (IoT) was increasingly announced from 2019. Not only people are networked, but also many objects. Now and in the future, many devices will become smart. In 2025, approximately 75 billion "smart" objects will be connected to each other as well as to the outside world via the internet. For this reason, we started our own development in January 2020 with our EUSATEC platform which can be used across networks and for numerous IoT devices such as GPS trackers, alarm sensors, monitoring of measured values, smoke detectors, measuring probes, etc. Translated with (free version)


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sat_speed+ offers you an outstanding option for your Internet access in Germany, Austria and throughout Europe - Internet via satellite technology. With our solution, you can enjoy high-speed Internet at speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s, wherever you need it. Whether you want to use our solutions in a private environment, for your company, in business parks or even for the nationwide coverage of entire communities - at sat_speed+ you will find customized solutions for every need.


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EUSATEC stands for customized IoT solutions with which objects, objects or machines are equipped with processors and sensors and connected via LPWAN network. This enables the devices to communicate with each other and to be controlled and optimized from the outside. In our EUSATEC platform you can register your devices and monitor and adjust them through it. Our products include GPS tracking, alarm systems, healthcare and monitoring solutions.

Our customers

Some of our customers have been relying on our know-how and technology for over 10 years.

Our customers include:

Large industrial companies
Aerospace companies
Public service broadcasters
German Armed Forces