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Eusatec / 13. November 2023

EUSATEC solutions significantly increase efficiency in the container sector, and not just in scheduling. We are delighted to report another milestone in one of our major projects. Bender Recycling GmbH & Co KG is now one of our customers with around 1,000 GPS trackers. The task was to make the work of scheduling easier and to make the location of the containers transparent. In this blog post, we present this revolutionising project and our solution. Translated with (free version)

The task: Transparent location of the containers with information on movement.

It is not always easy for dispatchers in the container industry to record the actual location of your containers. In applications with barcodes and scanners, the human error rate is relatively high. In most cases, scanning, and therefore reporting the location, is forgotten. However, if the location of the container is not clear, finding the container involves a great deal of effort, as no invoice can be issued. In addition, the scheduling department does not know which containers are on the road or on the company premises.

Our solution: self-sufficient hybrid GPS trackers with intelligent alarm function.

Our EUSATEC solution consists of our self-sufficient hybrid GPS trackers and the innovative possibilities of our portal. Depending on the configuration, our self-sufficient hybrid GPS trackers send position data via the IoT network AND mobile radio to ensure reception. In addition, the GPS trackers recognise movement and send their positions separately. This procedure is extremely energy-efficient, so that the battery life lasts 1 - 5 years, depending on the application.

The intelligent alarm function can be set in our portal by placing a geo-fence, i.e. a virtual fence, around the area to be monitored (in this case the company premises). If a GPS tracker/container leaves the area, an e-mail is sent with this information and the dispatcher is informed "in live time". Incidentally, this also eliminates the need to search for containers that are due for inspection.

Another intelligent solution: customer/location management

There is also the option of customer/location management. This automatically assigns the GPS trackers to a customer in whose area the trackers are located. You can then see in the documentation when the GPS tracker was delivered to the customer and also when it was collected again. This intelligent feature makes invoicing much easier. You can see the status quo "at a glance".

Advantages of the EUSATEC solution and future optimisation options

The interaction of our hybrid GPS tracker with the EUSATEC portal developed by us opens up completely new possibilities for Bender, including "just in time" information when a container leaves the company premises, considerable time savings thanks to the actual location (research and searching are no longer necessary) and faster invoicing thanks to automatic allocation.

We are constantly working on intelligent features for our EUSATEC portal and are constantly optimising it. You can look forward to our next post.


Our hybrid GPS tracker in combination with our EUSATEC portal can revolutionise the container industry. With IoT and our expertise, you can significantly increase efficiency in your operations and thus counteract cost pressure.

Tell us about your situation. We endeavour to develop customised EUSATEC IoT solutions for your individual requirements. IoT and Industry 4.0 are not just for the big players.

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